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Contract template for use between an event planning business and an intern. (Detailed description below.)


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This contract template is for general use between an event planning business and an intern. The download includes a word document (which enables editing), a manual for use in connection with the contract template, and a numbered pdf that corresponds with the manual. The contract addresses terms such as:

  • The Intern's duties and expected time commitment;
  • Eliminating an expectation of employment after the internship period terminates;
  • Compensation (in the form of weekly or hourly pay, a weekly or monthly stipend, or course credits from a school or university);
  • Conditions for using the event planner's systems, such as software, social media accounts, key cards, passwords, or computers;
  • Intellectual property ownership of, for example, text, artwork, designs, photographs, and videos; and
  • Confidentiality.

This contract is for general use and does not offer, nor should it be interpreted as offering, legal advice. If you wish to book a limited, discounted consultation to review this contract  template with Spear IP following your purchase, the cost is $95 and you may schedule that consultation here.